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Request For Proposals


Proposals undergo four stages of review, including independent peer review, the NPRB Science and Advisory Panels. The Board determines final funding recommendations to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce based on these reviews.

RFP Suggestions

NPRB staff begins developing draft research priorities for the annual RFP in late July and August. If you have ideas for research that you think merit consideration in next year’s RFP, please complete this short form. Suggestions made before July 10 will be considered for the current year’s RFP development. Suggestions received after this date will be considered for the following year.

2017 RFP Release

The annual request for proposals (RFP) will be released on September 28, 2016. The deadline for proposal submission is Friday December 16, 2016 at 4pm AKST. Applicants are notified of funding decisions in late May 2017.

RFP Resources

As research, fisheries management, and stakeholder interests have changed since 2002, our RFPs have evolved to reflect these changes. See how each RFP has aligned with our Science Plan.

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RFP Templates

When submiting a full proposal to the 2017 RFP, you will be asked to complete a series of online forms and upload required files. Applicants must use templates for all sections for which they are supplied. Proposals that do not use the templates will not proceed beyond the initial screening

Complete the templates below and upload them in the appropriate place in the online application. Additional templates are generated by the system as your information is provided. You will have the ability to update any information you have provided at any time prior to the deadline and before your final submission. 

Budget Templates

2017 Budget Detail Template  |  For RFP and Outreach Proposal

Important Info

RFP Funding Cycles

A two-year cyclical approach was implemented in 2012. As a result, some research priorities are not present in the RFP every year and others are not funded at the same level every year.

RFP Special Focus Sections

While the focus section topic varies (and may not be present in every RFP), it highlights pressing research needs for fisheries management or ecosystem issues.

Formal Request for Collaboration

NPRB encourages collaborative research proposals that leverage other funding sources, enhance ongoing projects, or take advantage of other logistic support. We currently co-fund projects with the Oil Spill Recovery Institute.

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Outreach Requirement & Options

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NPRB financially supports principal investigators in their communication of scientific results, education, and outreach initiatives. This is an important way for NPRB to engage with stakeholders and inform multiple audiences about NPRB-funded science. NPRB’s Outreach program mirrors other funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation Broader Impacts requirement. 

Outreach is a requirement for proposals submitted to the Core program. Additionally, all funded research projects are required to work with NPRB in development of its own outreach products and deliverables.

Outreach Resources

New For 2017: Outreach Options

In an effort to expand the Outreach program and offer greater flexibility, NPRB staff have developed two different outreach options for proposers. See online submission system for details on both options.

Outreach Award

Proposers now have the opportunity to leverage additional funds through a new initiative to encourage creative and meaningful Outreach products and experiences.* Outreach proposals must be submitted as a linked companion to a research proposal by the deadline of 4pm, Friday, 16 December 2016. These supplemental awards may request a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $15,000. Outreach proposals will not be considered without a successful companion research proposal. There is no limit to the number of proposals that may be submitted per research proposal, however, only one Outreach award will be selected per research award. Click on the link below for different tools and resources to assist in developing your Outreach plan.

*Proposers who intend to work in or near coastal communities are required to submit an Outreach proposal.

Submission Closed

Standard Outreach Option

The Standard Option is the default requirement for proposers not electing to submit an Outreach proposal. Proposers make their Outreach selection from one of the six pre-determined options, each valued ranging from $2,500-$5,000. All research proposals must include a $2,500-$5,000 outreach line item in their budget development, to be completed prior to the end of the project period. See submission system for details on each option.


Train or be trained


Host an experiment


Virtual dissemination


Stakeholder and/or community involvement




Movie production

RFP Timeline

Online Submission OpensSeptember 28, 2016
Deadline for ProposalsDecember 16, 2016
Peer ReviewJanuary - March 2017
Science & Advisor Panel ReviewApril 2017
Board ReviewMay 2017
Initial Notification to PIsLate May 2017
Submission to Secretary of CommerceLate may 2017
Commence ResearchNo Earlier than July 1, 2017

Proposal FAQs

Who can apply?

All federal, state, private, and foreign organizations are eligible. Recipient organizations must have a DUNS number and must have an active registration in, before any award can be made. Recipient organizations required to have a single or program-specific audit will be required to submit a copy of their most recent single or program-specific audit for review.

What if I have collaborators from more than one institution?

There can be multiple organizations included on a single proposal. Each institution will require a Principal Investigator. One institution will be designated the Lead institution, with a lead PI who is responsible for the oversight of the entire package. A single proposal package is submitted through the lead institution, however, budget narrative and summaries must be filled out for each institution which will receive funds. There is also a signature page required for each institution that will be generated at the time of proposal submission. It is the responsibility of the lead institution to upload all of these signature pages. If awarded, each institution will receive a subaward from NPRB for the monetary component outlined in the proposal.

How many proposals can I submit and/or be included on?

There is no limit.

How many years can a project be?

Projects are typically 1-4 years.

How soon can I start my project?

Project start dates can range from July 1 to January 1 of the following year. A good target start date is August 1 or later to allow for DOC approval, document preparation and review, and budget setup.

What is the funding cap for my proposal?

Funding caps are the total target amount available for that category unless otherwise noted. For example, the 2016 Fishes and Invertebrates category has a funding target of $1.4 million, but there is a $500,000 limit to any individual proposal.

How is NPRB funding distributed?

NPRB awards are structured as reimbursable funds with quarterly invoicing.

Do I have to go to AMSS every year?

We encourage all PIs to attend the Alaska Marine Science Symposium every year. However, it is only mandatory to attend once, towards the completion of your project in order to present your final results.