Current Funding Opportunities

NPRB offers funding for marine science in our Core Program, Graduate Student Research Awards, Outreach Program, Long-term Monitoring Program, and Integrated Ecosystem Research Programs (IERP).

2022 Going Virtual! Alaska Marine Science Symposium

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Each year, NPRB, along with several other co-sponsors, hosts Alaska's premier marine research conference. Speakers at the symposium deliver marine science findings from the Arctic, Bering Sea & Aleutian Islands, and the Gulf of Alaska.

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About Us

The North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) was created by Congress in 1997 to recommend marine research activities to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. For almost two decades, NPRB has been committed to better understanding the waters surrounding Alaska as they relate to pressing fishery management issues and important ecosystem information needs.

Since 2002, NPRB has supported three major ecosystem research programs, over 430 multi-annual projects, 62 graduate students, and three long-term monitoring projects. Over 120 different institutions (national and international) have received funding, resulting in more than 580 peer-reviewed journal publications, covering research themes that include fishes & invertebrates, fish habitat, oceanography, lower trophic level productivity, seabirds, marine mammals, and humans.

Research Programs

Through a competitive proposal process, NPRB supports peer-reviewed scientific research in the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands, and the Arctic Ocean ecosystems. NPRB maintains four scientific programmatic approaches:

Core Program

Long Term Monitoring Program

Integrated Ecosystem Research Programs

Graduate Student Research Awards

Share Your Thoughts: 2023 Core RFP Suggestions

NPRB staff begins developing draft research priorities for the annual RFP in late July and August. If you have ideas for research that you think merit consideration in next year’s RFP, please complete this short form. Suggestions made before July 17 will be considered for the current year’s RFP development. Suggestions received after this date will be considered for the following year.

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Core Project & Publication Search

NPRB maintains two distinct online search mechanisms for Core-funded projects and all publications, including IERP programs. Search by author, keyword, project or publication number. Use these tools to help craft proposals and better understand the impact of NPRB-funded science.

Connect with the Arctic Program!

NPRB has just launched a blog and social media site completely dedicated to the Arctic Program in preparation for the Program's first research cruise in June 2017. Stay informed with blog posts submitted by folks aboard the 260ft R/V Sikuliaq and follow conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Large Marine Ecosystems

Alaska’s marine ecosystems are some of the most productive regions in the world, supporting vast and varied populations of fish, seabirds, and marine mammals. They provide over 40% of the commercial fish landings in the United States and generate an abundance of resources for subsistence and recreational users. Each has a suite of atmospheric and oceanographic features within which marine species have adapted strategies for growth and survival. NPRB classifies waters off Alaska into three distinct ecosystems:

Arctic Ocean

Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands

Gulf of Alaska

Alaska satellite image

Research Themes

NPRB places a priorty on research that addresses pressing fishery management issues and imporant ecosystem information needs. This research can be further subdivided into the following research themes.