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Communications & Outreach

Showcasing scientific results in plain-language, attractive, and user-friendly context has been a priority for the Bering Sea Project.  To help achieve that priority, Bering Sea Project scientists—with help from program managers, the project steering committee, and communications and graphic design experts—authored and produced a series of 50 "headline" two-page briefing papers and a larger magazine, describing selected project results.

Bering Sea Magazine

Building from the headlines, we also created the major wrap-up publication we call the "magazine"— an edited and designed book that weaves together the 'headlines' with additional information about the origins, structure, participants, and outcomes of the Bering Sea Project. We are proud to present a pdf copy of the magazine (formally titled "The Bering Sea Project: Understanding Ecosystem Processes in the Bering Sea") available for download here, in high resolution (20 MB) or medium resolution (8 MB), together with a companion cover letter. Contact the program manager Tom Van Pelt for a full-resolution file (105 MB), or to request a paper copy.

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Project Headlines

Bering Sea Project "headlines" are a series of two-page, user-friendly summaries of new research findings.  Project scientists were invited to author headlines, with editing and design help from NPRB and NSF staff and others.  

Below are links to download individual headlines, labeled by first author and short title, and organized by thematic section in reference to the forthcoming Bering Sea Project "magazine" publication.  Given the integrated nature of the Bering Sea Project, some headline topics defy categorization into a single thematic section-- so in the list below, you'll see some duplication for headlines that straddle two or more sections.  

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Climate: Weather and Ice
Oceanography: Controlling Forces
Sea Ice: A Closer Look
Plankton and Benthos: The Living Water Column
Fishes: Bountiful Predator and Prey
Seabirds and Marine Mammals: A Changing Environment
Commercial Fisheries: Economic Engine of the Bering Sea
Bering Sea Communities

Bering Sea Research At-A-Glance

This booklet (updated January 2010) describes the program in general terms, including focal areas, geographic scope, communities of interest, program management, cruise planning, education and outreach activities, and list of principal investigators.

Download BSIERP Overview

Radio & Podcasts

Encounters: Experiences in the North brings the sounds of the wild to a national weekly radio program on observations, experiences and reflections on the northern world around us. Each program is recorded live in the field, and contains a tight weave of scientific and indigenous perspectives. Visit Encounters to subscribe to podcasts and to learn more about their radio programs.

To listen to the dedicated podcasts about BSIERP research, clink on the buttons below.

Teachers at Sea

We invite you to visit the Bering Sea Collection, a body of educational resources focused on understanding the impacts of climate change and dynamic sea ice cover on the eastern Bering Sea ecosystem. The Collection was developed during a four day workshop that brought together teachers who had traveled to the Bering Sea during teacher researcher experience programs; Bering Sea community teachers from St. Paul, Emmonak, and Nome; as well as Bering Sea Project scientists interested in gaining expertise in broader impacts activities.

Bering Sea Educational Resources

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