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Publications & Reports

We expect Bering Sea Project publications to be used by resource managers and scientists to inform and advance ecosystem-based management of Bering Sea marine resources, and also to promote or link to further research that strengthens our understanding of marine ecosystems. Peer-reviewed project results are disseminated as articles in special issues and as individual articles in scientific journals.

With nearly 150 peer-reviewed publications to date—including a series of four special issues of Deep-Sea Research II—a rich set of detailed results is emerging from the Bering Sea Project.  We invite you to explore the Project reports, Data and Metadata, and Scientific Publications pages of this website.

Deep Sea Research Special Issues

The Bering Sea Project will support publication of a series of special journal issues, aimed at sharing peer-reviewed project results across a broad audience and facilitating project integration and synthesis.  The Science Advisory Board members and the program manager are serving as guest editors. Three have already been published and are available here; a fourth special issue is underway. Thanks to a collaborative NSF & NPRB purchase, we are authorized to host downloads of individual articles as well as a fully searchable, printable .pdf versions of each special issue.  Contact the managing guest editor, Tom Van Pelt, if you'd like general information about the special issue series.

Note: Each issue is >25mb to download. The first special issue was published June 2012; the second was published October 2013; and the third issue was published in November 2014.

Peer Reviewed Publications

NPRB has centralized its publication database to best accommodate the breadth of different research sources we support. We are currently working to upload the most recent Bering Sea Project reports and manuscripts as they become available to us. To access specific Bering Sea Project-related publications, enter the search term "BSP."

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Project Final Reports

Photo Credit: Andrew Trites

Each component of the NPRB-funded Bering Sea Integrated Ecosystem Research Program ("BSIERP") was required to submit a final report. These reports are the summation of each component's work on BSIERP, and provide a single, unified resource for learning about each project's results. They also contribute to the overall undertanding of the Bering Sea ecosystem and help evaluate the advantages gained by funding integrated ecosystem research.

Final Report Guidelines

The table below (click on the "+") is sortable. Click on either of the headers to sort.

Complete Final Reports
Project Number Project Title Lead Investigator
B51 Data Management Moore
B52 Biophysical Moorings Stabeno
B53 Ichthyoplankton Surveys Mueter & Duffy-Anderson
B54 Seasonal Bioenergectics Heintz
B55 Micro-zooplankton Stoecker
B56 Carbon Export in the EBS Water Column Moran
B57 Epi-benthos Grebmeier
B59 Surface Trawl Survey Acoustics Horne
B60 Pollock & Cod Distribution Ciannelli
B61 Functional Foraging Response Aydin
B62 Forage Distribution & Ocean Conditions Hollowed
B63 Seabird Telemetry Roby & Irons
B64 Seabird Broad-scale Distribution Kuletz
B65 Seabird Colony-Based Renner
B66 Whale Broad-scale Distribution Friday
B67 & B77 Patch Dynamics Study, Pribilofs & North Bering Sea Trites
B68 Fish, Birds & Mammals Mueter
B69 Subsistence Harvest & LTK Ecosystem Perspective
Appendices 1, 2, 3
B70 FEAST Aydin
B71 Economic-ecological Models of Pollock & Cod Dalton
B72 Spatially Explicit Integrated Model of Pollock & Cod Haynie
B73 Management Strategy Evaluation Punt
B74 Competing Furl Seal-Seabird Pollock Model Mangel
B75 Correlative Biomass Dynamic Model Kruse
B90 Surface Trawl Survey* Farley
B91 Bottom Trawl Survey* Lauth
B92 Top Predator Hotspot Persistence** Sigler

*matching project with no final report; **matching project; Table updated 1 June 2016.