Addressing pressing fishery management issues and important ecosystem information needs

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About The Program


NPRB supports a competitive, peer-reviewed annual request for proposal (RFP) process dedicated to marine research in Alaskan waters. The Core Program RFP (formally known as the Annual Research Program) is structured to address both pressing fishery management issues and important ecosystem information needs as prioritized by our Science Plan. Proposals are geographically centered in the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea & Aleutian Islands, and Arctic Ocean ecosystems. 

The NPRB announced the first annual RFP of $1.5 million in 2002. RFP funding amounts have since ranged from $3.5 million to $14 million. More than 430 projects totaling $74 million of support have been funded through the Core Program. This includes investigators from 100 different national and international organizations.

NPRB supports a wide array of research across the North Pacific. Research have been categorized into themes that include ocean productivity, lower trophic levels, fishes & invertebrates, seabirds, marine mammals, and human-related issues. Each year the RFP changes slightly to account for funding cycles and special focus sections. More information about funding details can be found here. Click on the buttons to learn more about each category description.

Current & Past Funded Projects


Funding by Research Theme

Since 2002

*Includes Lower Trophic Level Productivity; other research themes not shown include: Community Involvement ($384,086), Cooperative Research with Industry ($709,883), Technology Development ($1,470,354), Data Rescue ($554,793), Special Focus Section ($699,504). These sections have not been research themes since 2002.

Funding by Large Marine Ecosystem

Since 2002

Proposals Received vs Funded

Since 2002

Funding By Institution Type

Since 2002 | 681 Subawards Totaling $75,797,073

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Program Resources

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Funding History
Year Amount Proposed Proposals Recieved Proposals Funded Funds Proposed Funds Granted
2020 $4.0M 32 14 $9.5M $4.0M
2019 $4.0M 37 14 $10.5M $3.55M
2018 $4.45M 152 28 $42.4M $4.6M
2017 $4.55M 138 28 $32.0M $4.6M
2016 $4.55M 112 22 $25.0M $4.1M
2015 $5.9M 105 33 $24.0M $6.9M
2014 $4.25M 88 24 $17.1M $4.74M
2013 $4.0M 130 23 $23.5M $4.28M
2012 $4.0M 108 29 $20.6M $4.19M
2011 $3.55M 115 25 $22.8M $3.54M
2010 $3.8M 112 22 $21.4M $3.9M
2009 $3.7M 85 25 $13.5M $3.5M
2008 $4.0M 89 25 $15.9M $4.1M
2007 $3.9M 93 29 $14.2M $4.6M
2006 $5.2M 126 44 >$24.0M $6.7M
2005 $4.5M 103 35 >$24.5M $5.9M
2004 $3.0M 87 23 $17.0M $3.6M
2003 $14.0M 156 30 $70.0M $7.0M**
2002 $1.5M 41 15 $6.3M $1.6M*

*In 2002, $434,000 was provided from NPMRI funds and $1.21 million from EIRF funds. The Board also approved continuation of five North Pacific Marine Research Program projects for $571,000. Therefore, the Board funded just over $2.2 million in research beginning in 2002.
**In 2003, $7 million was made available for new research due to interest earnings from the EIRF that were lower than expected.

Science Plan

In 2018, the Science Plan was updated and continues to provide NPRB a flexible, comprehensive, long-term approach towards supporting research in the North Pacific. The plan was consistent with enabling legislation, responsive to the mission and goals of NPRB, composed of major research topics, and built upon past and ongoing research programs at the Federal, State, and university levels.

Current Science Plan

Request for Proposal Evolution

Various research questions and issues, as well as pressing fishing management needs, have help shape the annual Requests for Proposals (RFPs) issued by NPRB since 2002. Our RFP Evolution documents summarize in table format how RFPs have changed over time.

More Info

Past Requests for Proposals