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Preliminary & Final Results

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NPRB has centralized its publication database to best accommodate the breadth of different research sources we support. We are currently working to upload the most recent GOAIERP reports and manuscripts as they become available to us. To access specific GOAIERP-related publications, enter the search term "GOAIERP."

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Pacific Ocean Perch lipid allocation measured in %percent mass of dry tissue plotted with a segmented piece-wise model with length as the dependent variable. The point along the x axis indicates the inflection point and the lines extended are the 95% confidence intervals. 

Preliminary results were shared throughout the course of the field program via this website and also at venues such as scientific conferences and meetings of the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council. Final results are being published in final reports and peer-reviewed articles that will be available soon. To see some of the preliminary results showcased during the field program, click the More Info button below.

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Metadata & Data

Data collected by the Gulf of Alaska Project will become public after the project is complete. To request access to a specific dataset, please direct your inquiry to the Senior Program Manager, Danielle Dickson.