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Resources & Requirements

Reporting Requirements

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Progress Reports

Long-term monitoring projects are required to submit semi-annual progress reports throughout the duration of their work. These reports are intended to communicate progress among investigators and NPRB, evaluate progress toward planned milestones, identify and promote successes, identify and find ways to mitigate problems, and manage the overall project.

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Financial Reporting

Quartely financial reporting is required for all long-term monitoring projects. Pre-populated financial forms, included in the "Release of Funds" notification, should be submitted to Kristin Thoresen, Grants Manager at the Alaska SeaLife Center ( Contact the program manager, Danielle Dickson, with general questions.

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End of Project Requirements

Final reports are required for each long-term monitoring project, and must be submitted within 60 days after the project end date. These reports are the summation of each project's work, and provide a single, unified resource for learning about each project's results. NPRB may in its sole discretion choose to treat the final programmatic report as a draft final report, and to submit that draft to peer review.

Long-term Monitoring Funding Re-Authorization

Applications for re-authorization will go through a process similar to the typical NPRB proposal review; the re-authorization report will be peer-reviewed and then evaluated by the Science Panel, Advisory Panel, and Board. Projects that are successfully re-authorized will receive funding for another an additional five-year period. There is no limit in the number of re-authorizations an individual project may be granted, however, re-authorization is not guaranteed and is subject to funding availability.

Available January 2019

If the investigator(s) is seeking re-authorization, the report will be evaluated based on criteria provided by NPRB in the report instructions. Criteria may include:


Has the project met its proposed objectives within the planned timeline?


Is there an evaluation of the technology used and of possible alternatives?


Have the investigators shown that their data are being applied to resource management of subsistence or commercial questions or issues?


Have data and metadata been submitted in a timely manner and made accessible to the public?


Is there a forward-looking, clearly considered, well-justified plan with substantial contributions from consortium partners?


Are the consortium partners interested in continuing this program? Have partners made commitments?

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Financial Reporting

NPRB funds are federal with a CFDA number of 11.472. Federal grant rules apply, including the Fly America Act. Projects are supported on a reimbursable basis, with invoices for expenditures due on a quarterly schedule. A financial report form, pre-populated from the accepted statement of work, is provided at the time of release of funds. Due dates for timely reimbursement are  January 31st, April 30th, July 30th, and October 31st. Final invoices must be submitted within 60 days of the project end date and be clearly marked ‘Final’. Invoices will not be paid if programmatic reporting is delinquent.  Failure to submit the final invoice within this period constitutes a complete waiver of all claims by the Subrecipient to any amounts not previously invoiced.

The Alaska SeaLife Center is the North Pacific Research Board's fiscal agent. Contact Kristin Thoresen (, or (907) 224-6372) for all financial matters. Invoices should be submitted electronically, or by mail:

c/o Kristen Thoresen  |  Alaska SeaLife Center  |  PO Box 1329  |  Seward, AK 99664

Budget Request Change

Reallocation of funds between or among the direct cost categories in the subawardee's NPRB Budget Summary Form in Appendix 1 must be approved in writing by NPRB prior to any such reallocated expenditure occurring, if that reallocation exceeds ten percent of the total subaward budget amount.

Projects with one subaward agreement—Reallocation of funds between direct cost categories requires approval only if the cumulative amount of budget reallocations is greater than 10% of the total budget amount. If you need to exceed this 10% threshold, you must request approval from NPRB. You can reallocate between years within a single cost category without needing to request approval.

Projects with multiple subaward agreements—The "10% threshold" stated above refers to the total amount (cumulative across budget categories) being reallocated per institution.

Example: A project has a total budget of $100,000. $80,000 goes to Organization 1; $20,000 goes to Organization 2. Organization 1 needs to request approval only if its cumulative budget reallocation is greater than $8,000, and Organization 2 only if its reallocation exceeds $2,000. So the 10% is at the institute or awardee level; not at the overall project level, and also not at the individual budget category level.

Rebudget Form

No Cost Extension

NPRB staff consider no-cost extensions on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantee of approval.

Submit requests for a no-cost extensions at least 30 days before the end of the project period. Send your request to Danielle Dickson, Program Manager. Requests must include:

Justification for the need for an extension;

A brief narrative summary of funds that are expected to be remaining at the current ending date; and

Your requested new ending date with an updated timeline for completion based on your requested end date.

Foreign Travel

Because NPRB funds originate with the Department of Commerce, NOAA must approve all foreign travel that occurs on NPRB grants. The approval process can take up to eight weeks, so please make your request as early as possible.

Requests must include: Full name of the meeting/conference, Itinerary (including dates of travel, dates of meeting/conference), Estimated costs for Airfare, Lodging ($xx/night for x nights), Meals ($xx/day fro x days), Registration, Ground transportation, Mileage, Other,and a short Justification. The Fly America Act applies to all travel using NPRB funding. A U.S. flag air carrier is required on every portion of a flight route unless qualified for a waiver.

If foreign travel was specified in your original project budget, the overall release of funds for your project will exclude the foreign travel funds. Each foreign travel trip must be approved individually. E-mail requests for foreign travel to Danielle Dickson and Kristin Thoresen.

Metadata & Data

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Principal investigators who have completed NPRB-funded research are required to provide datasets and metadata records for all data collected under NPRB grants as per the NPRB Metadata and Data Policy. These files are due within 60 days of the project end date. NPRB has teamed  with Axiom Data Science to best manage data transfer and metadata submission.

Metadata & Data Policy


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NPRB should be acknowledged in all publications, articles, or media releases derived from NPRB-funded projects. For scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, we issue NPRB publication numbers for inclusion in the acknowledgement section of your manuscript. This number should appear in the acknowledgment section of your manuscript. 

Contact NPRB at the acceptance stage of any peer-reviewed publication that was funded, in whole or in part, by NPRB funding. Submit a .pdf of the completed publication to Susan Dixon ( 

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