Photo Credit: Brendan Smith/NPRB

May 24, 2018

2018 Spring Board Meeting: NPRB approves funding to support 21 research proposals

Tags: Core Program

The North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) has selected the proposals to be funded under the 2018 Core Program RFP, which was released in September 2017 with a target spending of $4.55 million. A record one hundred and fifty-two proposals were submitted by the closing date in December 2017. The Board approved funding to support 21 research proposals for a total of $4.6 million, with additional support from the Oil Spill Recovery Institute (OSRI). NPRB has received funding approval for all twenty-one proposals from the Secretary of Commerce.

A separate 2018 Outreach RFP with a target of $130,000 in funding has been released only to the Core-funded awardees. Those Core grant recipients may submit outreach proposals for up to $20,000 each. With this new level of funding, the Board recognizes the importance of robust outreach programs to communicate the relevance of the research to stakeholder communities. This is NPRB’s first dedicated Outreach RFP. Full details can be found at

The Board also selected one Master’s and five Doctoral student applications for funding as part of the Graduate Student Research Awards (GSRA).

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