June 11, 2014

24 Projects Funded Through NPRB’s Annual RFP Process

Tags: Core Program

The North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) has received approval from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for its 2014 funding package. The approved funding includes nearly $4.7 million for 24 projects funded under NPRB’s annual research program. Read more about the funded projects using the NPRB Project Browser

NPRB annually solicits proposals that respond to one of six research priorities: 1) general research on ecosystem components, 2) local and traditional knowledge and community involvement, 3) cooperative research with industry, 4) technology development and novel application, 5) data rescue, 6) special focus section. Included in NPRB’s RFPs since 2011, the focus section provides an opportunity to highlight a pressing need for fisheries research or ecosystem understanding. The 2014 focus section was dedicated to Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim (AYK) region Chinook salmon. The Chinook salmon stock declines have had significant negative social, cultural, and economic effects on the fisheries and the peoples of the AYK region. The ongoing decline confounds the management of a wide range of fisheries in the Bering Sea and associate river systems. NPRB will contribute over $800,000 to support three projects that specifically address AYK Chinook salmon issues, including:

  • A study to measure thiamine (commonly known as vitamin B1) levels in Chinook salmon eggs. The project will assess the potential for thiamine deficiency to influence AYK Chinook salmon productivity.
  • A project focused on the early marine ecology of Chinook salmon along the eastern Bering Sea shelf. Researchers will assess the effect of climate change and variability on growth, fitness and survival of juvenile AYK Chinook salmon during their critical first summer at sea.
  • Finalization and testing of a new foraging model that will increase understanding of habitat characteristics that dictate of how many Chinook salmon a river can support. The project will test the model’s accuracy to relate stream discharge and competition to the carrying capacity of freshwater streams in the AYK region to help predict both natural and human-caused impacts on Chinook salmon production.

Since funding the first suite of projects in 2002, NPRB has funded 351 projects, distributing a total of over $58 million to 109 different agencies and institutions. Proposals submitted in response to NPRB’s annual RFP have on average a 25% success rate. If you have a research suggestion that you think merits consideration in the 2015 RFP, please complete the RFP input form by July 15 to ensure consideration.