May 20, 2014

Advancing the Role of Social Science

In January 2014, NPRB contracted the Pacific Marine Analysis & Research Association (PacMARA) to facilitate a half-day workshop in conjunction with the Alaska Marine Science Symposium.

The workshop had several overlapping goals: 1) continue the two-way conversation between the NPRB and the social science community that was launched at the 2012 AMSS social science workshop, 2) provide an opportunity for the social science community to respond to approaches, challenges and opportunities raised in the NPRB-commissioned report, 3) discuss best practices/approaches for social science research that can help elevate quality and advance the science, and 4) discuss promising research directions, addressing issues raised in the report or other priority social science topics falling within the NPRB mission. 

The final report from the workshop includes recommendations for next steps. Read more about the 2014 workshop and NPRB's efforts towards integration of natural and social science methods.