July 30, 2015

Benson Fulfills Three-Year Term as Fishing Industry Representative

Nominated by the North Pacific Research Board’s (NPRB) executive committee and appointed by the Secretary of Commerce in July 2012, Dave Benson has served as NPRB’s 20th member, representing the fishing industry, for a three-year term ending this July 2015. Only three other Board members have been appointed to this particular seat prior to Mr. Benson.

As the fishing industry representative, Mr. Benson was automatically appointed to NPRB’s executive committee. In that capacity, he has provided perceptive counsel in guiding NPRB’s course towards its mission and vision. In farewell, many members of NPRB thanked and complimented Mr. Benson on his hard work, calm demeanor, and sage advice. In addition to his commitments to NPRB, Mr. Benson has provided consultation on North Pacific fishery issues, served on the Advisory Board for the Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center (PCCRC), and has been a prominent member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC).

Subject to formal appointment by the Secretary of Commerce, Jan Jacobs of American Seafoods Company will succeed Mr. Benson. Mr. Jacobs has served on the board of the PCCRC, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF), and SeaShare.