May 26, 2016

Board Appoints Newest Members to Science and Advisory Panels

During the Spring NPRB Board Meeting, members reviewed nominations for seats on the Science Panel and Advisory Panel. After consideration of the individual applications, plus advice from the Science Panel and the NPRB Nominations Committee, the board appointed three new members to both Science and Advisory Panels. Several members from each panel were reappointed as well.

To replace the recent vacant seats of Dr. Vera Alexander, Dr. James Berner, MD, and David Witherell from the Science Panel, the board appointed Dr. David Hill from Oregon State University, Dr. Colleen Duncan from Colorado State University, and Dr. Diana Stram from the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Dr. Hill brings expertise in oceanography and oceanographic modeling. Dr. Duncan has both a PhD and DVM with extensive knowledge of pathology and marine mammals. Dr. Stram is a fishery analyst for the BSAI groundfish and crab fisheries. The board also reappointed Dr. Chris Siddon and Dr. Polly Wheeler to each serve another term; Dr. Siddon was voted to serve as Science Panel chair replacing long-standing Science Panel member chair Dr. Thomas Royer.

The board also appointed Laura Morse from Shell, Ann Vanderhoeven from Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, and Ruth Christiansen from Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers to serve on the Advisory Panel. Helen Aderman representing the Bering Sea Region, Gary Freitag representing the Gulf of Alaska Region, Jeff Stephan representing the Gulf of Alaska, and Vera Metcalf representing the Arctic were all reappointed for another term; Jeff Stephan also remained as chair for the Advisory Panel.

The Science Panel advises the board on science identification of research priorities; evaluation of scientific information relevant to the board’s mission; and review of proposals received by the board. The Advisory Panel plays a role representing stakeholders, user groups, and other interested parties from various regions around the coast of Alaska and provides important community-level participation.