October 15, 2015

Board Convenes in Kodiak for Fall Meeting

During the last week in September, the North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) met in Kodiak, Alaska for its annual fall meeting. Among the Board’s top priorities were to review the annual research program’s request for proposals, which is now online, and review the Arctic program’s pre-proposals that were submitted in July.

Kodiak provided the Board and NPRB staff an excellent opportunity to experience one of Alaska’s thriving coastal communities. The Board and NPRB staff coordinated site visits to the Pillar Creek Hatchery, the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center, and the U.S. Coast Guard base at Kodiak. Due to favorable weather, the latter also included an aerial viewing encounter aboard a C-130—a highlight among those who strapped in only to see Kodiak with the cargo bay doors open.

photos: Danielle Dickson (top); Danielle Dickson (middle); USCG (bottom)