May 12, 2014

Development and Initiation of NPRB Arctic Program

Tags: Arctic Program

FROM: Denby S. Lloyd, Executive Director
            Matthew Baker, Science Director
            Danielle Dickson, Arctic Program Manager

DATE: May 12, 2014

SUBJECT: Development and Initiation of NPRB Arctic Program

At its most recent board meeting, the North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) formalized its intention to commit $6 million towards the development of an integrated Arctic research program. This allocation of additional funding represents NPRB’s commitment to the region as a priority area for continued research.

NPRB’s goal is to develop a cohesive and synthetic research program that advances understanding of the Arctic marine ecosystem. NPRB will target research that supports effective management, sustainable resource use, and ecosystem information needs. The geographic extent of the program may include the northern Bering Sea (i.e. north of St. Matthew Island), the Bering Strait, the Chukchi Sea and/or the Beaufort Sea. Potential areas of research might include:

  • Ecosystem structure and processes, including energy pathways and production cycles, and their relationship to sea ice dynamics and advection patterns
  • Species dynamics and interactions, including tropic linkages
  • Projected shifts in distribution and phenology in the context of climate change
  • The role of increased human activity on Arctic marine ecosystems
  • The impact of ecological change on communities and ecosystem services

In coordination with interested external partners, an NPRB working group comprising board and panel members will further develop the framework of the program in the coming year. NPRB welcomes opportunities to explore partnerships that leverage resources to support coordinated research on marine ecosystems in the Arctic. We also welcome information regarding existing or planned studies that could impact the program design. If you have questions or would like to develop a partnership, please contact Danielle Dickson.