August 10, 2018

Harley Sundown of Scammon Bay appointed to NPRB Advisory Board

The North Pacific Research Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Harley Sundown to a three-year term on the NPRB Advisory Panel, where he will represent the Bering Sea region. He is currently the Scammon Bay delegate to the Alaska Beluga Whale Committee, responsible for contributing community reports about beluga harvests and helping to prioritize beluga research needs. Harley is a life-long resident of Scammon Bay, where he has served as Assistant Principal of the Lower Yukon School District since 1994. He received a Bachelor’s of Education from the University of Alaska and a Master’s of Education Leadership from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and has served on the Advisory School Board for the Lower Yukon School District. Harley was the recipient of the Milken Family Award for outstanding teaching in 1997. He is deeply involved with cultural activities, in particular Yupik dance, and with coaching youth. He is a member of the Scammon Bay Tribal Council and a Director of the Calista Corporation.

The North Pacific Research Board's Advisory Panel provides a mechanism for meaningful community involvement throughout the NPRB science program, from planning to oversight and review. The panel has a significant advice-giving role, with active involvement in setting priorities, defining questions, and keeping interested users informed of board activities. 

The Advisory Panel facilitates stakeholder interest and serves broad constituencies associated with Alaska coastal areas and users of the marine environment. These interests include subsistence and commercial fishing, oil and gas, and local government.  Panel members are appointed to represent specific regions that correspond to NPRB's three main recognized marine ecosystems. These regions are the Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean (which includes the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas), and Gulf of Alaska; there is also one at-large member of the panel.  For current membership and more information about the Advisory Panel please visit,