August 18, 2015

Jacobs Appointed as NPRB’s Newest Fishing Industry Representative

Effective as of July 29, 2015, Mr. Jan Jacobs has been appointed to the North Pacific Research Board by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to fulfill a three-year term as its 20th member, representing the fishing industry. This seat has previously been held by Mr. Dave Benson, Ms. Heather McCarty, Mr. David Benton, and Mr. Trevor McCabe.

Mr. Jacobs has extensive experience in the North Pacific fishing industry with a solid background in policy and management, serving the last twenty years as the Director of Government Affairs for American Seafoods Company. With a degree in oceanography from Humboldt State University, his career in fisheries started in 1984 as a National Marine Fisheries Service observer aboard several catcher processors. He later worked as a joint venture representative and vessel manager with Profish and American Seafoods Company.

In addition to his lengthy career in fisheries, Mr. Jacobs is currently a board member for the Pollock Conservation Cooperative, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, High Seas Conservation Cooperative, At-sea Processor’s Association, and SeaShare; he is a former board member for the North Pacific Longline Association. Jan has also served on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Advisory Panel.

As the designated member of NPRB to represent fishing interests, Mr. Jacobs will serve on the board’s Executive Committee.