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March 4, 2021

NPRB Seeking Fishing Industry Representative Nominations. Deadline to submit is April 15th!

The North Pacific Research Board is seeking nominations to fill the twentieth seat on the Board. This seat represents the interests of the fishing industry and becomes available on June 1, 2021 for a three-year term. The fishing industry seat is nominated by the Board and subject to approval and appointment by the Secretary of Commerce.

The North Pacific Research Board was created by Congress to recommend marine research activities to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, to be supported by earnings of the Environmental Improvement and Restoration Fund. NPRB promotes a comprehensive science program of the highest caliber to provide a better understanding of the North Pacific, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean ecosystems and their fisheries. The Board gives priority to cooperative research projects that are designed to address pressing fishery management or marine ecosystem information needs.

Enabling legislation defines the membership of NPRB to include ten ex-officio members representing various agencies and organizations, nine members that are nominated by the governors of the states of Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, and the twentieth member who is nominated by the Board itself and is appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. This twentieth member represents fishing interests, is appointed for a non-renewable three-year term, and serves on the NPRB Executive Committee.

The Board generally meets twice each year (spring and fall). In the annual round of activities, board members determine the content and amount of funding available for annual requests for proposals (RFPs) as well as design and select integrated ecosystem research programs, long-term monitoring programs, and graduate student research awards. The Board is assisted by a Science Panel, an Advisory Panel, and a small staff. While there is no pay associated with serving on the Board, expenses for travel, food, and lodging are covered.

The following criteria will be used by the Board in making a selection from among nominees for the fishing industry seat:

  • Knowledge or experience regarding commercial fishing, processing, or marketing of fish in one or more commercial fisheries off Alaska;
  • Knowledge of or experience in management, conservation, and stewardship of natural resources, including related interactions with industry, government bodies, academic institutions, and public agencies;
  • Experience in a state or regional organization whose members participate in an Alaska fishery;
  • Experience serving as a member of the Alaska Board of Fisheries, North Pacific Fishery Management Council, NPRB, or their associated committees;
  • Knowledge or experience regarding marine research organizations and activities off Alaska; and
  • Minimum potential for conflict of interest in funding decisions of the Board.


Fishing Representative Nomination Details

The deadline for receipt of nomination materials is April 15, 2021. Nominations and self-nominations may be submitted by email to, or by regular mail to:

Nominations Committee
North Pacific Research Board
1007 West 3rd Avenue, Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99501